Art is dead and why

I paint pictures or to be somewhat more current; I paint. A friend described what I do as being equivalent to making buggy whips. Where are the buggies today that necessitate those humble aids to forward progress? Gone.
And gone are the myriad needs for representation, contemplation, decoration and diversion that once demanded art goods of all types. Fulfilling these needs and desires for visual output are unlimited new and not so new products. For one, photography instantly put representational 2-D art on the defense. In the 19th century artists began to experiment broadly with form and composition, and color and technique. This trend of “experimenting” escalated until the present day, when now, “experimenting” has a naive and hackneyed ring.
But who cares if art died? Millions of people calling themselves artists exist in clusters and small communities of their fellows who provide each other with needed adulation. Outside these clusters or “cells”, is an indifferent world which can no longer be shocked or outraged by the “new”.
The “new” has been re-dressed and served up in different guise over and over so many times that there is not a speck of identifiable “newness” left.
Film and electronic media are the tidal wave that has swept away all the familiar art forms and is being carried away itself in a wash of multiplication multiplying that it is dissolving itself into absolute insignificance.

Fascist Morons

The Mincing Moron is one of a handful survivors from the Extraterrestrial Cuckoos’ womb invasion of the mid-twentieth century. Unlike the majority of super-intelligent Extraterrestrial Cuckoos, these survivors escaped detection owing to their low intelligence and poor taste which let them integrate unsuspected into the human population.

Their mindless urge for absolute power over planet Earth is asserting itself at last.

Once again they wish to control the human womb, this time with fascist legislation and primitive laws. Will they succeed in gaining absolute control of the human herd through repression and surveillance, and create the new police state, JebRom?

Toxic Humanity

People are the invasion of locusts on the Earth, devouring the “green” with their roads and highways and “new construction”. They infest the skies with metal shards, roaring razors, piloting locusts aimlessly, here and there, spying in the human insects below. Cars lacerate the the countryside from side to side, top to bottom, while the natural world hemmorages to death. Nature is skinned alive for its pelt of trees and animals and resources, for the billions of greedy Humans with insatiable appetites. Construction is Destruction.

Painting for a Blind Audience

Sight is not consummated in the eye. Sight is fulfilled by inner reckoning. A work of art is realized when the sight of it satisfies an undefined need. When living has depleted us of hope and deadened our senses, art can transfuse a stream of revelations that revive an atrophied awareness.

For decades art has been its own antithesis. It eschewed its raison d’etre. A desert lies where once there was a luxuriant garden. We have a fine palate for ground glass.

Random Universe

The present gestalt is randomness. Even as recently as two hundred years ago people sought for order in the universe. Changes of style and attitude were believed to be movements toward perfection and no matter how transient or foolish these fashions may have appeared in hindsight they have never cast an illuminating critical light on the next manifestation of foolishness.

Changes occur without a hiatus during which to assess the passing trends. So we are propelled helter-skelter toward the next novelty, caught up by a sense of motion when we are only tossing around in a revolving heap of “stuff”, like gravel in a cement mixer.

Morality, religion, laws, government, the value of money, chauvanism, reason, ethics, philosophy; everything is subject to question because of the ceaseless shifting that creates randomness. It has fostered a retrograde in governing bodies which are moving toward despotism and increased thought supression.

Also, the effect of total randomness has brought about a heightened intolerance of anything outside one’s control. People now believe that they have a basic right to be exempt from the accidents of fate and irrationally expect retribution for an “unfair” fall of the dice. Each separate individual, believing in his primacy as the center of the universe,  we have descended en masse into the New Dark Age.

Bright Light

Human beings kill darkness.

Deep, full darkness is disappearing everywhere.

Lights kill the stars.

Lights kill moonlight.

Lights kill light and shadow.

Lights kill peace.

Lights kill rest.

Lights kill sleep.

Ugly, eye-gouging artificial light

Destroys magical dusk, gloaming, twilight, evening and night.

We roll aimlessly up and down strips of mind-blinding light, blasting away at living shadow.

A crazed population calls for more and more lighted boxes, glaring images.

Nuance, tenebrism, chiaroscuro have passed beyond the scope of our poor senses, beyond comprehension.

Our distorted sight is a poor mechanism, disconnected from experience.

Very soon we will see everything and be totally blind.