Random Universe

The present gestalt is randomness. Even as recently as two hundred years ago people sought for order in the universe. Changes of style and attitude were believed to be movements toward perfection and no matter how transient or foolish these fashions may have appeared in hindsight they have never cast an illuminating critical light on the next manifestation of foolishness.

Changes occur without a hiatus during which to assess the passing trends. So we are propelled helter-skelter toward the next novelty, caught up by a sense of motion when we are only tossing around in a revolving heap of “stuff”, like gravel in a cement mixer.

Morality, religion, laws, government, the value of money, chauvanism, reason, ethics, philosophy; everything is subject to question because of the ceaseless shifting that creates randomness. It has fostered a retrograde in governing bodies which are moving toward despotism and increased thought supression.

Also, the effect of total randomness has brought about a heightened intolerance of anything outside one’s control. People now believe that they have a basic right to be exempt from the accidents of fate and irrationally expect retribution for an “unfair” fall of the dice. Each separate individual, believing in his primacy as the center of the universe,  we have descended en masse into the New Dark Age.

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